In our brand new purpose built fitness facility, our equipment has been designed to suit all individuals whether you are new to exercise, rehabilitating from an injury or are an experienced athlete looking to prepare for your next sporting challenge.

Our expert personal trainers can work with you and your therapist (if you wish) to design a comprehensive and customised program to complement your rehabilitation program and health and fitness goals. They will be on hand to help motivate and inspire you as well as provide the correct knowledge and advice to not only reach your personal targets but excel beyond them.

Whether you are recovering from injury or want to lose weight under the helpful eye of an expert personal trainer, we can help you: ·  

  • Lose weight
  • Build strength and improve conditioning
  • Prepare for a sport (i.e. new sport/marathon/return to fitness)
  • Prevent injury
  • Improve your overall health
  • Design an exercise rehabilitation program